Getting Ready for the Holiday Season and Waited Too Long to Schedule Your Tox Appointment??

Good news! New toxins are out that are effective for treating those dreaded 11’s, crow’s feet and other facial wrinkles could be a quick phone call away and can be effective in time for the holiday season! But, if you’re favorite injector doesn’t have any appointments available, here are a few pointers to ensure you’re in good hands and can get those wrinkles taken care of just in time for holiday visits:

  1. Search “Toxin Injector Near Me.” Once there, take a look around at Google’s Map Pack. This is those quick map callouts toward the top, just under the first ads in the search. Obviously, those are likely the closest and the most appropriate of your search to the best of Google’s ability to read your mind. Trust us, they kinda can at this point.
  2. We ask that you click on the websites for the first three options and click to the best locations within those website that describe their neurotoxins. Many times, it will be labeled Botox®, or Xeomin®, or Wrinkle Reducers. Some now simple call it toxins.
  3. Read those pages over and use your best judgement at the care and detail how they describe how they approach injectables. Remember, injecting anything requires a highly skilled Nurse or higher level of medical professional. Treating wrinkles and in some cases contouring the face to something that is natural and shows improvement is a whole other level of skill. Make sure that what you are reading is written in a quality manner. Our opinion is, if they take the time to do the best in the small details, they will do same with your appearance.
  4. Then, click on the different injectors’ profiles. Read those as well.
  5. If you see some that are promising, great! Call them! See if there are any appointments available. Ask about pricing, who is injecting and about how long the appointment will take.
  6. Then, scroll down past the Map Pack and see what we call “organic” search returns. These are the websites that Google thinks are in the area or sometimes they might be lists that can help you or other types of providers that offer the same treatments. Sometimes, these might be the best option. Repeat steps 2-5 on these as well.
  7. Once you’ve made your appointment, you are sure to be comfortable with your decision and that’s great. But, one more piece of advice. If the ambience isn’t up to par with what you saw on their website and experienced on the phone and you are uncomfortable with the experience, walk. Your satisfaction is your appearance and your comfort level. And they owe it to you to provide the very best in experience and comfort.

Our website is all about helping others attain Beauty through Medical! One article we found that beautifully fits this same commitment is on BLOG article on Skin Esteem’s website. Read it and get even more advice on beauty for the holidays! Enjoy!