What to Look for When Searching for a Reputable MedSpa.

Generally speaking, today’s MedSpa’s offer a wide variety of treatment options to help you look and feel your very best. It has been our experience from talking to patient clients throughout the country that not all MedSpa’s are best suited for each person’s individual needs. So, how do find out who is best for you? Well, here’s a few ways to find out.

Browse Through as Many Websites as You Can.
First, you need to look at the facilities. As you looking through any medical practice’s website, you’ll notice some show photos that are obviously stock (purchased and are not representative of the location). Any medspa you review needs to have nice, clean and well-kept facilities. (Here’s an example of a smaller MedSpa and the facilities: https://beautipharmmedspa.com/about-beauti-pharm/)

Second, read the entire bio of the owner and if you know your aesthetician/provider’s name, read that one too. You need to get to know them not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. It gives you confidence that this person has the qualifications and will be there the next time you come in for treatment.

Third, read about your treatment options that you are considering. Most of the time, but not always, a MedSpa will have most of their more prized treatment options occupying a page or more on their website. If not, that practice might not value that treatment option as much as other practices you are considering. Make note of that. (Here’s an example of a MedSpa that effectively shows their treatment options and describes them in detail: https://zerogravitynky.com/services/)

Ask Your Friends!
We work in marketing and we know full well that people who are of the same demographic tend to do things in a similar manner. That means, in this case, that your friends likely visit MedSpas and probably more frequently than you think. Ask them things concerning waiting time, quality of work, pricing, appointment lead time, likability of the providers and convenience. Generally, in our experience, patient clients often rely on this method more than just about any other.

Review Social Media Pages.
If your prospective practice doesn’t have a social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, and yes, TikTok), then you should probably move onto the next option. Chances are, they won’t have a website either. If they do have presence, take a look at their posts. Are they recent or have they not posted since before COVID? If it’s been awhile, we would recommend that being looked at as a negative. It could mean that times are tough or they are having trouble making time for something so important to their business.

Look up Prospective MedSpa’s Google My Business Page.
So, you have the name of a MedSpa that your friends recommended. That’s great. By looking at that practice’s Google My Business page, you can see more of the unscripted items that are more realistic. Google My Business listings are the information you generally see on the right hand side of the page of the search for a specific business. Sometimes, medical practices will have 200-300 photos displayed. If that’s the case, you can see what the normal day-to-day activities are. You can see how friendly they are toward patients. You can see if they have wheelchair access. You can see where to park. You can get an idea of the lobby, treatment rooms and more. It’s very important. You can also find the MedSpa on the map and get directions, see recent social posts, and hours, parking, and sometimes 360-degree photos of the inside and the outside.

Finally, find out if you can book or request your appointment online.
On that first contact with the practice, we recommend a phone call first. It is our recommendation that you make that first call with a list of questions to ask the phone attendant. Similar to what you ask your friends, you can ask about pricing, lead time on appointments, parking and more. But, most important, ask about the treatment options, pain associated with it, recovery time, expected outcomes and how many treatments it takes to get the desired results. All too often, we have patients not ask and end up finding out during their consultation that they need 4-6 treatments on a particular option that they thought would be a one-time thing. Please, please ask!

Future appointments are much more convenient when booking or requesting online. You deserve the convenience!

We hope this short writeup helps you in your choice for a qualified MedSpa near you!