12 Important Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Going Under the Knife.

After reading this article, I realized how many people jump into a car, a house, for heaven’s sakes, a relationship without giving it time, having all your questions answered and being 100% confident in the decision. Not very sexy is it? Most people today rely on trust, first appearances and personality to make their decisions. That’s all good, until it isn’t.

The article I’m referencing is 12 Important Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon published by Atlanta Face & Body.

I can think of several instances when I could’ve used advice like this. You always hear it. “I wish they had a book I could read to be able to navigate through this.” Or “I didn’t think to ask that.”

Being a client of a plastic surgeon does bear a bit of responsibility. Mainly, the plastic surgeon is going to talk to you about your beauty goals, what you’re most concerned with, how much downtime can you handle, and maybe if there is an event coming up that you’d like to look incredible for. Sound familiar? Trust me, I’ve seen it all. And generally, surgeons do a great job of covering the basis.

But, it is the patient or client that has some responsibility to speak up whenever there is a question. Asking about the surgeon’s qualifications, where the surgery is going to be performed or even if there are nonsurgical options to consider. These are all valid questions and (probably nearly) every surgeon will be more than happy to answer them. Remember, you are a client of theirs, not the other way around.

I would suggest when asking and speaking with your plastic surgeon, to be respectful, non-accusatory, and just be interested in his answer. If you need, write these questions down and add some more of your own. Everyone in that room is most concerned with a beautiful outcome. And if you ask the appropriate questions, you’ll get the appropriate answers.