Creating Magic Through Advertising

Woman seeing color for the first time.

We’ve all seen the miracles that are now viewable with the advent of television and nowadays Google and Youtube. We’ve seen babies born, people walking for the first time through therapeutics, and countless other first-time events. We’ve also seen the tragic side where humans attempt to do the impossible only to find that they were unable to prove otherwise. Recently, an ad campaign touting the use of new spectacles for those who are color blind. Believe it or not, according to iristech, about 7 percent of the male population in the US is color blind. 4 Percent for women. A recent youtube ad showed a woman who was able to see color for the first time produced an incredibly emotional moment for the viewers of this outstanding video. Maybe in the course of your medical business, you can think of instances that are similar that you see everyday. We know we all do whether in dentistry, medical spa, plastic surgeon, LASIK Vision Correction and more. Check out this article by Colloredo & Associates: Color For The Colorblind: Creating Magic Through Advertising. It is fascinating that a video team was able to catch this dramatic moment. Even more, it is our duty to share advertising that demonstrates the benefit of Beauty Through Medical. So, let’s do it and people will believe you and will attain whatever it is they are looking for through your treatments. Read this article!