Beauti Pharm In Grand Blanc, Michigan Launches New Website!

Beauti Pharm website screen shot.

Long-time Master Injector Laura Stillman has landed on solid ground by opening Beauti Pharm’s first brick and mortar location in Grand Blanc, Michigan, a township outside Detroit. As we watched the transformation of a once “we come to you” injector business model grow into a beautiful boutique location, I realize the leap of faith all businesses go through.

Stillman and her husband, Mark, understand the area and the market and decided that now was the best time for the business to take on a more permanent location.

Rather than running a bunch of local ads, some of which they did do, they turned their focus to build a fully functioning website that gives the public a glimpse of what it is like inside. Visit their new website here: Here, prospective patients can read all about Beauti Pharm: Location, treatment options, specials, a special biography of Laura and you can request an appointment.

The website and logo were built by Colloredo & Associates in Knoxville, TN. The full service marketing and advertising company specializes in all forms of marketing communications but in particular, digital, traditional and in-office. You can learn more about Colloredo & Associates by clicking here.