Everything You Need to Know About Photofacials

A photofacial is a unique treatment that involves virtually zero chemicals, besides a little protective gel, to create a brighter, even skin tone. A lot of facials use toxic substances, while photofacials use a light-based treatment. A photofacial is one of the gentlest procedures because it uses a form of light instead of needles or chemicals. A photofacial uses LED and IPL applications that are much safer than UV radiation. This light gives off a boost of skin-friendly Vitamin D that results in smoother skin. A photofacial can be used to lessen chronic inflammation when used consistently but may result in temporary inflammation. The eventual results of this are a healed system of capillaries that lead to a healthy, normal skin tone. Light therapy increases circulation throughout the facial tissue that reduces signs of aging. Many regular facials take hours to complete and can be hard to take advantage of with a hectic schedule. A photofacial takes approximately half an hour to complete. Scheduling an appointment can minimize waiting periods and expedite your on-site service. Visit Atlanta’s Face & Body’s blog about photofacials for more  information.