11 Possible Causes of Dry Eyes

Dry and itchy eyes are a common condition that can ruin your day. Most people that suffer from dry eyes are middle-aged or older. Dry eyes can be a result of a wide range of factors that should be examined when trying to find the source of the problem. Aging is the most common factor because of a decline in tear production. Medications that reduce mucus production keep your body from producing the ingredients your tears need resulting in dry eyes. Your hormones can even give you dry eyes. People that experience menopause or other hormonal changes might also experience dry eyes because hormones stimulate the production of tears. This change in hormones can cause changes in tear production. Computer usage can lead to dry eyes because people tend to blink less often when staring at a screen. Laser surgery involves cutting some of the nerves in the coronae that can result in dry eyes. Vitamin A deficiency, wind exposure, and allergies can all be related to dry eyes. Sjogren’s Syndrome, autoimmune diseases, and blepharitis are more serious causes of dry eyes. To understand why you might be suffering from dry eyes, visit Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun’s blog, 11 Possible Causes of Dry Eyes.