Why do you need comprehensive eye exams?

Optometrist performing comprehensive eye exam on mature patient.

Too often, people only schedule an eye exam when they notice a change in their vision. But regardless of whether or not a change has occurred, having regular checkups with an eye care professional is crucial for optimal eye health, as well as potentially discovering undetected issues that could lead to big problems down the road for your vision. These include a multitude of underlying health issues that may not produce any symptoms in the early stages, which makes regular eye exams that much more important.

Being vigilant about scheduling regular comprehensive eye exams can greatly help your doctor create a blueprint of your individual needs, as well as address or prevent a variety of eye conditions that could potentially diminish your precious sight. To learn more about what your doctor will be looking for, some of the latest technological advancements in eye screening, and how often you should see your eye care professional, visit Eyecare Optical’s blog about the importance of comprehensive eye exams.