One-Stop Shopping for All Things Beauty!

One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining your beauty is the travel time, waiting room, and just simply getting an appointment. Some of these are just what we live with nowadays. However, if you could bunch several of your appointments into one facility, that could mean less hassle and less stress on your already busy lifestyle.

A new business model, or should we say an old business model, is now very effective in helping those who love their beauty visits have more convenience than ever. Sola Salon Studios is one such concept. Their building concept allows for a “mall” like experience but for all things beauty. Catering to the beauty demographic (that’s us!), this new concept allows for all your beauty visits to be managed under one roof. You can get your nails done, hair, toxin, facials, even tattoo removal all at the same location.

For Eman Dahmani, Pristine Rejuvenation was the perfect fit for this themed location. She performs all the latest in neurotoxins, facials, peels, and more. You can come get your tox done then swing by your salon for your hair appointment. It’s all so simple.

Bob Colloredo, founder of Colloredo & Associates, a med spa marketing company, likes what he sees from this new concept.

“Today, our medical aesthetics centers are doing very well. But, competition is always right on your heels,” Bob admits. “You have to stay ahead of the competition through clever marketing, innovative digital marketing techniques and just simply more compassionate care. It’s very hard for these medical practices to market to the public. Television, radio and even direct mail is costly when you have to purchase the entire market. Now, you can put your business where the customers are. That’s an effective and efficient marketing angle. I love it!”

We’ve paraphrased some from this article, but you can read it in its entirety here:

So, check out your local businesses to see if there’s a Sola Salon near you!