Fashionable EyeWear Exclusively by Your Local Eye Doctor

One of the more searched terms in Optometry and Eye Care is “Fashionable Frames” or frame styles. It is a good place to start when selecting your glasses and a good place to start when selecting an eye care provider. Most websites that offer eyeglasses for sale or for seeing what they have are from manufacturers. Some Optometrists and now Ophthalmologists are starting to see the light and are offering a preview of what’s in store for your next visit to their optical shop.

However, one trend is popping up and I kinda like it. Eye Doctors and Opticians (those who fill your eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions) are now being part of the process of designing fashionable and functionable eyewear. The beauty of this is not only are they able to ensure that the frames are durable, affordable and good looking, they are also able to fit their offering to the particular lifestyles of their patients. In some areas of the country bright, blue frames are the norm. In others, they might be more of a rebellion.

The best part is that you can choose these frames and many times, purchase them online before you get to the store. One such Knoxville Optical Store known as Andes Optical has a unique frame collection designed exclusively by Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun called Optique 865. This frame planogram is custom made to the market and the practice patients so it is wildly popular to say the least.

So, if you’re in the market for a nice set of fashionable frames, go to Google and search for Fashionable Frames near me. And if you find a practice that offers its own name brand, take a close look. You might be impressed.